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Health Tip: Living With Cardiomyopathy

(HealthDay News) — Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle that causes the heart to become enlarged, rigid or thicker.

As the condition worsens, the heart becomes weaker and is less effective at pumping blood, the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute says.

The agency suggests how to help tame some of the condition’s complications:

Quit smoking.
Lose any excess weight.
Avoid alcohol and illegal drugs.
Get plenty of sleep.
Reduce stress.
Take medication as your doctor has prescribed it.
Get regular medical checkups.
Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
Exercise regularly.

As a doctor, what did you not “get” until it slapped you across the face?

The huge discrepancy in healthcare delivery just based on your socioeconomic status. Wear a suit to the hospital, talk articulately with sincerity and you will be treated like a dignitary.

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As a nurse, what did you see that is forever etched in your memory?

The memory that is forever etched in my mind would no doubt be a situation or a patient whom I saw while I was doing clinicals for nursing school in the ER.

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When has someone else’s obesity affected you in a negative way?

I worked in an office and the owner hired a woman who was significantly overweight. I was a legal assistant and she was hired as a receptionist and general office staff.

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Do organ donors feel ’empty’ when they wake up?

I take it you mean living donors.

You don’t feel much, you feel like crap. I felt like I had done 100 marathon runs in 1 day and then some. I was so tired, had problems just sitting up. 🙂

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As a delivery doctor, nurse, or midwife, what are some strange or funny things people have screamed while giving birth?

During my residency training we had a number of pregnant patients who were too young and as a result sadly uneducated. One night, a girl who could not have been over 15, screamed, “This baby is coming out my Ver-Gi-Bers! “

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Why didn’t interbreeding cause an issue with the first humans?

It did.

Interbreeding would have caused issues for tribes in the past, it causes issues for tribes today, it even causes issues for small countries such as Iceland today.

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Organ Transplants: Should Death Row inmate Ronald Phillips be allowed to donate his kidney to his mother?

Assuming that he’s otherwise healthy enough to do so, and his donation to his mother doesn’t violate any other ethical or legal restrictions, then yes – he should certainly be allowed to donate his kidney to his mother.

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What is the most disturbing congenital malformation that you have seen in your practice?

I had a baby born with a head that had something that resembled eye sockets, ears, and a nose. The head was about 7-8 inches in circumference. The body was sort of square. It was gelatinous.

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As a pediatrician, what is the funniest thing a child has ever said to you?

One afternoon, the 4-year-old daughter of the pharmacist in our hospital was hanging around, waiting to go home with him. She came upon a container with a spigot, and curiosity led her to put her mouth on it and open the valve.

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